Sant Kumar Dube

Qualification:B Sc. Agriculture
School:11 D
Date of birth:8th Feb 1952
Date of Marriage:6th May 1981
Contact:+91 9981543090
Address:21 Saket Nagar (Badi Ukhari) Jabalpur - 482002

Life After School:

Retired as Bank Officer from Bank of India


1. Wife - Deepti Dube from Haridwar BSc. (Mathematics ) MA (History)
2. Daughter - Sanchita BE (E&TC) Silver Medalist RGPV. Employee of Fidelity Raleigh USA
3. Son in Law - Kartik BE ( E&TC) employed at Fidelity Raleigh USA
4. Daughter - Astha - MD AM ( Alternative Medicine) M Lit. M.Sc. (Computer) B Pharma. PGDCA